Information Governance & eDiscovery Summit

12 - 14 May, 2015

London, UK


10th Anniversary of Information Governance & eDiscovery

Brilliant format, excellent speakers, good variation on themes and good fun as well. Altogether a thoroughly informative experience and one I look forward to every year" - Tom Spencer, Senior Counsel, GlaxoSmithKline

The landscape has changed. The Information Governance and eDiscovery industry is maturing, and with that maturity, comes a new thirst for knowledge.For those that are looking for a competitive advantage, waiting for the studies on such benefits will likely be waiting for too longin an arena where technology advances quickly and benefit periods are shortened

Huge conglomerates can no longer see Information Governance and eDisocvery as a mere ‘Hobby Horse.’ The data explosion, ignited by BYOD, social media and big data,has given this topic a higher profile, with companies battling to get a handle on their Dark Data before it is too late.

Those that attend the 10th Anniversary of Information Governance and eDiscovery and embrace the new ways of governing and discovering information will be the winners in this economy.

The 10th Anniversary of Information Governance and eDiscovery is an exclusive event which provides an unrivalled gathering of over 200 high-profile legal professionals across Information Governance and eDiscovery affairs. Recognised as the pre-eminent platform for sharing strategic, operational and tactical knowledge, there is simply no better place to get access to information on the changing paradigm of electronic discovery, regulatory enforcement activity, investigative techniques and the practical implications for your company. The Summit also provides unique opportunities to meet with the world’s most cutting edge solution providers.

This will be the best year yet for delegates and supporters, an event that truly delivers on Legal IQ’s pledge for both education and conversation.

The stakes are higher than ever.

Fnd out how you can benchmark your current Information Governance and eDiscovery practices against the world’s most progressive companies. A reminder to check this website regularly for speaker programme updates!

Benefits of Attending

Having brought together over 2000 General Counsel, Partners, Heads of Information, Records Management, eDiscovery, Finance and Risk from more than 500 global companies over the past 9 years, you can be sure that you are coming to the place to communicate and collaborate with the most senior audience in Information Governance and eDiscovery affairs.

  • Compare and contrast how a cross- section of industry peers are meeting their goals through unique ‘Case Studies of Today’span> and transform your objectives for the year ahead across business, technology and security strategy
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trendsthat are relevant to Information Governance and eDiscovery, including recent threats and regulatory landscapes that will help you to defendyour corporation, whilst also facilitating commercial objectives

Join us in London on May 12-14, 2015and be a part of a community of peers sharing ideas, challenges and technologies.The collective thought power of the largest gathering of Information Governance and eDiscovery professionals across Europe is unrivalled.

Endless possibilities await.

  • Top Five Tips to Save Money on eDisclosureTop Five Tips to Save Money on eDisclosure

    With data volumes and sources increasing almost exponentially, controlling the increasing costs in eDiscovery is a real concern for all legal teams. In this article Andrew Haslam, expert in litigation support; strategy and implementation lays out his 5 top tips for reducing costs in eDisclosure.

  • How can Predictive Coding Aid in the eDiscovery Process?How can Predictive Coding Aid in the eDiscovery Process?

    Technology is a driving trend in the eDiscovery field and predictive coding is one of the more promising areas, with teams now looking to see how its integration can help them in the eDiscovery process. We spoke with Susannah Hanton Group Legal Litigation Lawyer Lloyds Banking Group about how this integration can be best achieved.

  • Dealing with Diverse Information Streams in eDiscoveryDealing with Diverse Information Streams in eDiscovery

    Information in an organisation is nowcoming from a range of sources and being stored in differing formats andlocations. Integrating these information streams into a companies processes isvital to prevent information requests becoming painful and protracted says MattWard, Ediscovery & Corporate Compliance Officer at Barclays InvestmentBank. In this interview, Matt discusses diverse information streams and storageheadaches such as cloud storage.

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Featured Speakers

 Siegrun Heberle
Siegrun Heberle
Head of eDiscovery Technology Services
 Ralph Losey
Ralph Losey
eDiscovery Team Blog and National e-Discovery Counsel, Chair of the Electronic Discovery Practice Group
Jackson Lewis LLP
 Jason Baron Esq.
Jason Baron Esq.
Co-Chair, Information Governance Initiative and Of Counsel
Information Governance Initiative and Drinker Biddle LLP
 Ray Fashola
Ray Fashola
Former Director of Records and Information Governance
Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP
 Anwar Mirza
Anwar Mirza
Financial Systems Director
 Jeffrey Ritter
Jeffrey Ritter
Professor of Law
Georgetown University Law Centre
Honourable Mr Justice Frank Clarke
Honourable Mr Justice Frank Clarke
Supreme Court, Ireland

What others have to say

Brilliant format, excellent speakers, good variation on themes and good fun as well. Altogether a thoroughly informative experience and one I look forward to every year.Tom Spencer, Senior Counsel, GlaxoSmithKline
Delivered top bang for the buck, and more! Superb.N Agnihotri, Barrister, 12 College Place
The best conference in the London calendar and the place to go to know the cutting edge of the impact of technology on global enterprise.Mark Surguy, Partner, Eversheds
If this is your field, all the big players are there.Edward Drummond, Advocate, Bedell Cristin
Extremely valuable as my company is setting out on an joint Info Governance and e-discovery programme.Martin McElroy, Archive Manager, AMEC plc
I found this event valuable, even though not all of it was relevant to me or what I do on a daily basis, but the opportunity to discuss issues with other delegates and vendors that gives a different perspective if useful and thought provoking.Malkiat Thiarai , Head of Corporate Information Management, Birmingham City Council

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